Chick-Fil-A Employees Revealed A Secret Mozzarella Stick Hack On TikTok

Pretty much any fast food restaurant has highly coveted fast food hacks—whether so-called “secret” menu items or those known only to employees. Consumers tend to love these little known secrets, which is why a few Chick-fil-A employees recently went viral on TikTok for exposing a mozzarella stick hack.

Why would anyone want mozzarella sticks at Chick-fil-A, when Burger King is right there? The answer to that question is inconsequential because where there’s a will, there’s a way. The TikTok user who originally uploaded the video, @nickcamacho123, has since set his account to private, which is hardly surprising since Chick-fil-A doesn’t exactly love when menu hacks are exposed.

However, the video was soon grabbed by another user who uploaded the following remix.

As you can see, the process for making Chick-fil-A mozzarella sticks is simply folding a piece of sliced cheese into a rectangle, dipping it in egg wash, breading it, and then tossing that bad boy into the deep fryer. Maybe I’m just hungry, but that doesn’t look … half bad? Although it’s hard to go wrong with cheese breaded and deep-fried.

The original video garnered over 250,000 likes before being removed, and the new upload is starting to get some attention as well, after having been posted on Thursday.

Clearly, people are here for the Chick-fil-A mozzarella sticks. Perhaps, instead of silencing employees on social media platforms, the chicken sandwich chain should be rewarding such ingenuity! And while they’re at it, open for business on Sundays.


Written by Stacey

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