Cardi B Slams Woman Who Says She’d Pick Her Husband Over Her Daughter

cardi b husband before daughter
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A tweet about priorities has a number of people up in arms—including Cardi B.

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The rapper weighed in after @hollywoodunlocked shared a screenshot of the post in question to their Instagram.

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“My daughter does not come before my husband,” it read.


The account asked what others thought of the sentiment, and the majority of the comments were overwhelmingly in disagreement.

“People be having kids and don’t know how to PARENT correctly,” one user wrote.

“My kids didn’t ask to be here,” another pointed out. “I’m responsible for bringing them in this world. They come before any and everybody.”

The Instagram account later highlighted a comment from Cardi B, who held nothing back in denouncing the initial tweet—and with good reason.

The “WAP” rapper pointed out that this sort of outlook is exactly what contributes to women believing their husbands or boyfriends over their children in situations of abuse.

They “will hate their daughters cause of the truth and the men be knowing that and take advantage,” Cardi wrote.

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Most commenters agreed with Cardi wholeheartedly, insisting that kids always have to come first, no matter what. But some pushed back on the idea, indicating that making it a ranking system was the wrong outlook.

“Putting your husband first does not mean you love him more,” one user wrote. “Putting your husband first is not based upon how you treat your children or what you allow him to do to your children.”

“Y’all’s partners is supposed to be yall 1st priority. Kids are y’all’s responsibility. A lot of marriages end after the kids turn 18 bc they put the children first instead of their relationship,” another said.

Of course, life is ultimately about balance, and there’s room to love your significant other and your children without making it a competition between them — or without making the role of parent or spouse one’s entire identity.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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