The Best Memes Clowning On Cara Delevingne’s Bonkers Obsession With Megan Thee Stallion At The Billboard Music Awards


Cara Delevingne attended the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 15 with Megan Thee Stallion, and her bizarre antics of the night inspired memes. 

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Megan performed her songs “Plan B” and “Sweetest Pie” at the awards ceremony and won the Top Rap Female Artist category (against Cardi B and Latto, no less!) for the second year in a row, much to her shock and delight. 

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It was hard for viewers, however, to focus on the awards ceremony and its pomp and circumstance, because Cara seemed to make it her mission to never stray far from Megan’s side, both on the red carpet and at the ceremony itself — often with an outlandish expression on her face.

The model and actress became the talk of Twitter.

One person asked, “can we ban cara delevingne from hollywood” with a video of her seemingly fake-licking Azelia Banks’s leg during a performance.

Another user shared the awkward footage of Cara playing with Megan’s dress on the red carpet.

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Many people joked about Cara stalking Megan.

Someone else shared a disturbing clip of Scarlet Witch from the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness film, saying, “Cara Delevingne coming through the mirror when Megan Thee Stallion tries to hide from her in the bathroom”

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Another user commented on the horror-like nature of finding the model popping up everywhere at Megan’s side, saying, “I say this genuinely, but I think Cara Delevingne may need an exorcism.”

“your chances of being watched by cara delevingne are slim but never zero,” one user joked.

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One uncomfortable user asked, “why in every piece of media i see of megan at this awards i see cara delevingne 5 inches away from her?”

See more reactions and memes below:

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Written by Anna Good

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