Video Shows Texas Woman’s Car Trapped In A Block Of Ice After A Pipe Above It Burst

TikToker @kianarosek went viral after sharing a photo of what happened to her car in a Texas parking lot.

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If you somehow missed it, this past week Texas was hit with a cold sweep of weather that knocked out the power grid, made roads impassable, leaving many people in serious danger.

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There are also a lot of material consequences which are less frightening, but definitely shocking!

Kiana Vance is located in Dallas, Texas, according to BuzzFeed. In Her TikTok, she says she is in a seven-story parking lot, then pans around her floor to show there isn’t another car in sight.

Then she pans to her car:

It was parked under the only leaking pipe in the whole place, and the entire thing is frozen solid inside a block of ice.

She told BuzzFeed that this garage is the top level of her apartment’s parking lot, and she had parked her car there because she got a new one and stopped driving it. The pipe burst just before the storm hit, and she wasn’t informed. To be fair, there was a lot of stuff going on.

“I found out about it when I saw it on the news because I have been driving my other car that’s located on a different floor of the garage,” she said. “It’s still frozen. I’m going to just wait for it to thaw out before doing anything that might damage the car more.”

Kiana was pretty surprised so many people were interested in her story, but she’s glad folks could have a laugh.

“I’m happy that my car — as completely screwed as it is — could make people laugh,” Kiana said. “I guess the one thing I’ll say is…I’m never parking under a pipe ever again.”

The commenters definitely find the situation funny, and a lot of them are pretty sure this is a sign that God did not want her to drive:

God must not know about her automobile.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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