‘New Buzz Be Turning Off His Body Cam’: People Think New Buzz Lightyear Looks Like A Racist Cop

new buzz lightyear racist cop

As beloved as the Toy Story movies are, nobody quite knows what to do with the upcoming Buzz Lightyear spin-off. 

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Lightyear centers around the pilot who the Buzz toy is based on in-universe, and his journey to becoming a Space Ranger. This “real life” version of Buzz will be voiced by Chris Evans, who is excited enough about the role that it’s almost enough to get people interested.

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But while Disney fanatics will undoubtedly flock to the theaters, in the meantime, the human design of the well-known cartoon toy is drawing scathing comparisons to a stereotypical racist white cop.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, Buzz always looked like a racist cop. Sure, being voiced by Tim Allen, who is on record thinking he should be able to use the N-word may not have helped, but despite og Buzz’s cartoonishness, the vibe was still there.

But that’s probably not a conversation we’re ready to have yet.

Blasting new Buzz, however, is.

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Space cops are still cops!

Written by Rachel Kiley

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