Borat Joined Twitter And TikTok And He’s Trolling Trump

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Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has secretly been filming a sequel to his 2006 movie Borat as his Kazakh alter-ego and people are pretty pumped.

The new movie, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (or “Borat 2” as we’ll call it) drops on October 23rd and there’s plenty going on in 2020 America for Cohen to roast.

Naturally, Donald Trump isn’t going to escape some ridicule in the film. At one point in the trailer, Borat dons a Trump suit and tries to sell his daughter to Vice President Mike Pence.

Cohen is now marketing the movie by joining Twitter and TikTok and posting in Borat’s voice. One of his favorite targets to troll is none other than our ridiculous president Donald Trump.

Here are some of Borat’s funniest jokes about President Trump.

1. On Trump’s health:

2. On Trump’s strength:

3. On Trump’s smarts:

4. On Trump’s, uh, “diet”:

5. On Trump’s generosity:

6. On Trump’s kindness:

7. On Trump’s theatrics:

8. On Trump’s “fluids”:

9. On Trump’s viral popularity:

10. On Trump’s supporters:

11. On Trump’s *Borat voice* wife:

12. On Trump’s many enterprises:

Borat also joined TikTok (which he calls “DikTok”) and he seems to be taking to the video-sharing platform pretty well.

Very niiiiice.

Masha Fante

Written by Masha Fante

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