Black Security Guard Clocks Racist Streamer Using The N-Word To Her Face


A viral video shows a streamer the Daily Dot reports is named “Louz” approaching a Black security guard standing outside of a bar in New Orleans. Louz is white and his entire platform seems to be dedicated to being a racist piece of sh-t. He’s also a coward.

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In this video, he asks the security guard a question using the n-word. It doesn’t end great for him, except maybe in terms of views, which unfortunately is what streamers care about.

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The video has been shared by mostly conservative and racist accounts but was also posted on r/PublicFreakout by u/IRLMoments, where his behavior was roundly criticized. Louz asks the guard for directions, seeming to say, “Where the [n-words] park?”

“What?” she asks, clearly taken aback. He repeats the question, this time slur-free.

“What the f-ck you just said the first time?” she asks, and he scampers away like the rat he is.

“Yo, she heard me the first time,” he says to viewers, repeating the slur out of earshot now. “I just wanna know where the peoples partying at you know what I mean?”

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Another white man who seems to be streaming with him stays behind; when Louz turns around, he is talking to the guard.

“I said ‘people,'” Louz yells back at them. “We said ‘people!'”

He returns to the scene and she hits him in the head.

“What the f-ck! You hit me in the head!” he observes, running away and screaming he’s gonna call the police on her. When he turns the camera on himself, he’s bleeding.


Reddit commenters seem to agree that he got what he deserved and far less than he should have expected.

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It’s too bad that Louz is getting attention for being the moronic racist cretin he is, but at least he got whacked in the head. Let’s see how things can escalate from here, maybe he’ll push his luck again soon.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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