Blac Chyna Shades The Kardashian Sisters Over Double Standards, And People Agree


Though they’re connected through family ties, Blac Chyna’s relationship to the Kardashians is fraught, to say the least. Complex reports that her lawsuit against the entertainment mob family is moving forward after a judge refused to dismiss the suit at their request.

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Part of her case against the Kardashians suggests they used their “media and influence” to get the second season of Rob & Chyna canceled. She is seeking millions in damages.

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It’s unclear how Blac Chyna relates to these women in person, but she’s perfectly comfortable saying exactly what she thinks on social media. People are in a tizzy after she posted an image from fan Instagram page @kardashianclips.

Underneath it, she wrote, “If they were black, they’ll say it’s Ghetto BUT ALL OF THEM ARE BABY MAMAs,” followed by a thinking emoji.


As Complex explains, aside from Kendall, all the women have children—Kourtney has three, Khloé has one, and Kylie also has one. Some of them were married during the births of their children, which might just make them wives, but none of them are now. Well, Kim and Kanye won’t be soon.

While it seems to be unprovoked, a lot of people were applauding Chyna for her forthcoming post:

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There are a lot of awful things that people say about the Kardashians, no matter what, but they’d definitely not have reached the heights of fame and wealth they have if they weren’t white. So, Blac Chyna is right about something.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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