Blac Chyna Goes Off At Fans To ‘Get The F-cking Vaccine And Stop Being Stupid, Hoe!’ At The Airport

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Late on Sunday night at Miami International Airport, Blac Chyna was approached by a fan, TMZ reports, who asked for a photo. For some reason, the interaction devolved into Chyna ranting about how everyone needs to “go get the f-cking vaccine” after she questioned if the fan was vaccinated.

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I mean, she’s not wrong.

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Chyna got vaccinated on Instagram Live herself, so she does mean it. It is strange that she is not wearing a mask at any point in the videos posted of her at the airport. In one clip, she is saying that getting the COVID-19 vaccine is pretty much the same thing as what everyone has to do with their kids if they want to participate in normal society.

“The same sh-t that you had to do — the same thing that you had to do to enroll your kids,” she says. “If you do got kids, after all these f-cking abortions.”

Yes, it takes a turn.

“And I’m a real bitch — no cap. From D.C. — from fucking D.C. to Miami to LA,” she continues. “You can’t fuck with me, can’t get my business. And this is all real rap shit, no cap shit.”

She also mentions her deceased grandmother and makes a connection to people dying and a refusal to get vaccinated.

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But the grand finale is Blac Chyna starting to yell and saying, “Go get the f-cking vaccine and stop being stupid, hoe.”

The woman who originally asked for the picture was supposedly holding a baby at the time of this incident, but nothing more seems to have happened because the cops were never called. Blac Chyna is just getting the message out.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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