“Life Crazy Bro!”—Big Sean Introduces His Mother To The Real Goku From “Dragon Ball Z”

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Anyone who considers themselves a fan of Detroit rapper Big Sean knows he had what could only be called an obsession with classic Japanese anime series Dragon Ball Z since childhood. 

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Now that he’s been able to get through a few doors, Sean finally found himself in the presence of voice actor Seán Schemmel, who voiced “Goku” in the wildly popular series.

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The rapper wasn’t alone in his excitement to see the voice of the legendary Saiyan warrior. Sean’s mother was there to meet Schemmel as well, and he documented the experience.

“My Momma meeting Goku in real life, he came to the crib (His name Sean too) shit wild bro, love!” the rapper captioned an Instagram video. “Bruh, my Mom spent so much money we didn’t have on my Dragon Ball Z obsession; this shit is beautiful to see this happen.”

Sean’s mother reveals to Schemmel that her son “loved, loved, loved, and still loves” the anime series. Sean quips that he still does, perhaps even more.

“I didn’t know Big Sean,” Schemmel said as he explained the Dragon Ball Z direction and emotion he put into “Goku.” “I’m thinking, ‘That little kid needs to be flipping out. I gotta make him believe this guy is real…’ To hear it come back after all these years is astounding.” 

Schemmel even conferred off the vocals used for Goku and yelled what the Z-Fighter used to charge up his energy for his newfound fans. 


Written by Kahron Spearman

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