Brawl Breaks Out Between Bath & Body Works Workers And Customers

Retail stores have seen more than their fair share of drama in the past year with anti-maskers regularly coming in and causing a commotion, but a Bath & Body Works in Arizona got an extra helping of chaos last week — although police claim it had nothing to do with masks.

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Footage shared by Genevieve (@gendenslow) caught the meat of the brawl. An employee and a customer were already in the middle of going at it — fists and possibly candles flying — when a second employee tackled the customer to the ground. Two more employees tried to separate everyone while a crop top-wearing customer also jumped into the fray.

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That second customer separated off into her own violent fight as the first one ended, until an employee was successfully able to forcer her out of the store.

Other customers looked on in horror as they tried to get the other woman out of the store as well.

Video taken from a different angle and moments before Genevieve showed that the crop top customer and the customer doing the primary brawling in the first video were actually engaged in two separate fights prior to the main viral video. 

The crop top customer appeared to be throwing things at a third customer as employees stood between them, while a worker tried to stop the woman in the striped dress from going over to get in the middle of it — and that’s when their fight broke out.

According to Genevieve, the whole thing started because one of the women fighting employees was standing too close to the customer who had a bag thrown at her, and they argued before things escalated very quickly into violence.

Claims going around the internet after the videos were first posted say the fight started partly because the one woman wasn’t wearing a mask, but Scottsdale Police say it actually had to do with someone cutting in line.

They also said that two women have been charged in relation to the brawl, but which two is currently unclear.

Written by Rachel Kiley

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