Azealia Banks Weighs In On ‘Highkey Embarrassing’ Dave Chappelle, Says He’s ‘Obviously Attracted To Trans Women’

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John Bauld/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0), @azealiabanks/Instagram

Azealia Banks really likes to keep everybody guessing. One day she is tweeting stuff so transphobic she gets kicked off Twitter, the next day she’s dragging Boosie Badazz and Dave Chappelle to hell over their homophobia and transphobia. You know, you never know where the message is going to come from, but when you hear it, you hear it.

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On Tuesday, in a series of long written posts on Instagram, Banks addressed the way Boosie Badazz has been feuding with Lil Nas X— the much younger rapper joked about making music with Boosie and Boosie suggested he should k-word himself in response. She also talked about Dave Chappelle’s very controversial special The Closer and his whole shtick of constantly harping on the LGBTQ+ community like he’s getting paid under the table by the evangelical church.

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“Both Dave Chappelle and Lil Boosie are entirely too grown and entirely too black to be this concerned with other peoples’ sex lives,” she wrote. “It’s highkey embarrassing. Dave Chappelle is also about four years too late for the transphobia outrage attention grab.”


She told Boosie, “You are so f-cking bamboozled it’s ridiculous. The fact you have the confidence to publicly suggest he kill himself for living a life free of all the things that have completely obliterated your ability to see yourself as anything other than a ward of the state is absolutely heartbreaking.”

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On another slide, Banks wrote, “As far as Dave Chappelle goes…you are more than obviously attracted to transwomen. And that is okay! Life is short, Explore!”


Banks’ opinion is unexpected, as many of her opinions are. She has done all sorts of stuff to anger just about everybody, from celebrating Donald Trump to boiling her dead cat. She’s been accused of homophobia and transphobia herself, and racism. You really never know what to expect, but she did say some stuff a lot of people have been thinking. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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