Azealia Banks Just Dug Up And Cooked Her Dead Cat On Instagram, And The Memes Are Coming In Hot

Azealia Banks/YouTube

Seeing Azealia Banks trend on Twitter is always immediate cause for concern. The controversial rapper has become known for spouting off divisive, bigoted, and straight up bizarre things a little too often.

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But this might be the weirdest reason for her to trend yet.

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Banks shared video to Instagram of her digging up her dead cat, Lucifer, and boiling his corpse.

Subsequent videos appeared to show her waving the smoldering ashes around her apartment and putting his skull on display in her home.

The primary videos have been deleted, either by Banks herself or by Instagram, but the outrage and disgust they sparked online is still simmering.

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According to Just Jared, Lucifer died three months ago, and many have pointed out that boiling bones isn’t an uncommon practice, particularly in witchcraft rituals. So on that note, while many of us likely can’t fathom digging up the corpse of a beloved pet and mutilating it in such a way, her actions may not be completely out of touch with known human behavior.

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That having been said, recording it and sharing it with millions of people on Instagram is, unquestionably, an insane decision. Is it something that tracks with Banks’ persistently bizarre behavior? Yes. But it’s insane — and largely unappreciated by her fans — nonetheless.

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Maybe it’s time to end 2021 before we even get to February. Can we do that? We should definitely do that.


Written by Rachel Kiley

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