Buccaneers’ Antonio Brown Punches Titan’s Chris Jackson, Gets Meme’d

antonio brown fight
Steve Jacobson/Shutterstock

Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver Antonio Brown is making waves on sports Twitter after being photographed punching another player during practice.

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The Buccaneers teamed up with the Tennessee Titans for a joint practice ahead of their upcoming preseason game on Saturday, but things didn’t go too well for either team. There were reportedly five altercations between them, including a near-brawl between Brown and Titans cornerback Chris Jackson.

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According to Rick Stroud of The Tampa Bay Times, Brown “ripped off Jackson’s helmet” and was temporarily thrown out of practice to go cool off.

But it’s the photos that made a particular impression online, once they started circulating.

Particularly this one:

It wasn’t long before sports fans co-opted the pic to use as a meme.

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They even dragged out some other memes to poke fun at Brown’s lashing out.

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And this tweet pretty much sums up what most people had to say about the whole thing:

Written by Rachel Kiley

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