76ers Get Clowned For Gloating About Their 26-Point Lead Only To Blow It Right After

76ers hawks game 5

Professional sports have a long history of bad sportsmanship, no matter what your middle school gym teacher told you. Talking smack, bragging about your own game, there is no level of sporting even where it doesn’t crop up and it’s definitely a big part of the NBA.

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That’s an explanation, not an excuse, for why the Philadelphia 76ers official Twitter account embarrassed itself so bad during game 5 in their series against the Atlanta Hawks. Which they lost.

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The first half of the game went super well for them and the Sixers were up by 22 points when their social media manager logged on to give the team a pat on the back from itself. They tweeted a graphic of the score over a picture of the game, and captioned it, “Is this when we’re supposed to feel tired?”

They added a smug yawning emoji to really embarrass themselves completely. Maybe the team had good reason to think things were going to turn out well, because projections were good:

Projections are not full wins. By the end of the game, that lead was blown and the Hawks won. As many commenters joked, this definitely was the moment that the Sixers got tired:

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Save the gloating for the end of the last quarter, folks. You never know when you might get tired.

Written by Alison Sullivan

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