Video: 6ix9ine Gets Sucker-Punched In The Back Of The Head Leaving The Club

6ix9ine punched
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On the night of April 27, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was leaving a Miami nightclub when someone in the crowd decided to take their shot at him and sucker-punched him.

The attack, which happened at the Pilos Tacos Tequilla Garden in Miami,  was caught on camera and shared by TMZ

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6ix9ine was at the club to perform one of his songs from behind the DJ booth, and was leaving the nightclub with his crew around 2 a.m. and was passing by the clubgoer when the man decided to swing at him, hitting the Brooklyn rapper in the back of the head with a solid punch. 

The punch connected before 6ix9ine’s security detail had a chance to react, though they did immediately afterward. The crowd became frenzied with the strike, and 6ix9ine tried to quell tensions and control the scene afterward by signing autographs for fans in the crowd.

6ix9ine has been in the media a fair bit recently, from beefing with Fivio Foreign and Lil Durk to stirring up trouble with a video of him seemingly holding $2 million in cash.

He is currently on the hook for a $1 million lawsuit in the 2018 robbery of Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier and claimed to the judge that he was completely broke. But he said that the money shown in the Instagram Reel is all fake.

“I ain’t got it right now, I ain’t got it,” 6ix9ine told TMZ Live. “And that was prop money, like I said, I ain’t got it. Like I said, I’m an entertainer and obviously we talking about it so I did a pretty good job at entertaining people.”

As part of his beef with Lil Durk, 6ix9ine was seen on camera meeting up with Perkioo, who looks very similar to Lil Durk, and gave him a King Von jacket.

According to Complex, Perkioo was not in on 6ix9ine’s videoed antics, and called the rapper out for using him.

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“6ix9ine, you need to man up bro,” Perkioo said. “You need to man up…You can’t be doing that lame ass shit. You’re using my face ‘cause I look like Durk. You’re using my face to disrespect [Durk’s] crew. That’s really lame.”

“You’re using my face for clout. Everything you do is for clout. You can’t be doing that.”

Written by Anna Good

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