6ix9ine Says The Cash He Flexed On IG Was ‘Prop Money’ Amid $1 Million Lawsuit

6ix9ine prop money

In an Instagram Reel posted to his page on April 14, 6ix9ine carried stacks of cash in his arms supposedly valued at $2 million, surrounded by expensive cars and showing off high-end flashy watches. Now he’s claiming the cash is all fake.

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6ix9ine is currently embroiled in a lawsuit for a cold $1 million in the robbery of Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier and claimed to the judge that he was flat broke.

Now the self-proclaimed “King of New York” is telling TMZ Live that the cash he flashed on camera was prop money. 

“I ain’t got it right now, I ain’t got it,” 6ix9ine told TMZ Live. “And that was prop money, like I said, I ain’t got it. Like I said, I’m an entertainer and obviously we talking about it so I did a pretty good job at entertaining people.”

He went on to compare himself to lawyers, saying, “You know how you have a degree in law, I have a degree in entertainment.”

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According to the court filing from early March, the rapper claims that he is struggling to make ends meet.

6ix9ine received a reduced sentence for snitching on ex-friends in the robbery of Seketha Wonzer and Kevin Dozier. He claimed in the court filing that his accountant “knows exactly what my exiting assets and sources of income are” and that he was “struggling to make ends meet.” He went on to say that he was unsure if he would ever “command the kind of advances I was paid before my arrest, and my career stalled.” 

“If the court awards the compensatory damages and punitive damages sought by Plaintiffs at this inquest, it will surely bankrupt me in a way from which I will never recover to the permanent detriment and hardship of the family members who rely upon me,” the controversial rapper said in the filing.

Written by Anna Good

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